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The Dream Family Home

27th January 2017

Is it just me who constantly finds themselves dreaming about their perfect family home? I often find myself on RightMove searching for houses that I can’t afford. One of my favourite ways to waste time is to search price high to low and browse through the beautiful homes that will never be mine.

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What do I class as the dream home? My dream home is large and set in several acres of land. It has a huge kitchen which obviously has an island in the middle. There is an informal dining table in the kitchen and also a separate, formal dining area. There is a games room full of the greatest and latest toys, most of which are made from wood or tucked away in stylish storage.

The living room is comfy with big bay windows and a beautifully presented log burner. There will of course be ample space in the living room for a gigantic real Christmas tree. The entrance and hallway will be spacious, with eye catching Victorian tiles lining the floor and plenty of room to store the pushchair, shoes and coats.

There will be French doors leading to the patio and veranda area, much like these beauties from 123v, there will be fairy lights twinkling away under the veranda, where quite possibly a hot tub sits. The veranda would mean that we could still use the outdoor hot tub in the rain and snow without worrying too much about battling the elements. Beyond the veranda there will be a stunning, scenic garden complete with outdoor swimming pool of course.

Back inside, we will have sweeping stairs leading upstairs to reveal a minimum of three bedrooms, all with ensuite. The master bedroom would be large enough to fit a dressing table and a small sofa. All bedrooms would come complete with high quality fitted wardrobes.

I will have an office somewhere, I’m not quite sure where, I do like my current office in the converted attic so I may well go down that route again. Obviously this house will be a lot bigger meaning that I can have a huge desk and massive windows which allow the light to come flooding in. The view will be stunning and really quite inspirational.

For now, and likely forever, this is all a dream, but it is so good to dream – even if it is from my two bedroom terraced house.

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  • Reply Abi Jones 27th January 2017 at 12:47 pm

    Ha, I love this! I also sit there dreaming about my ideal house – quite similar to yours! Except there must be an indoor AND outdoor swimming pool 🙂 I really should be spending my time looking at houses I can actually afford though!

  • Reply Becster 27th January 2017 at 1:43 pm

    I do this too!! I'm always browsing RightMove! Some houses are just stunning! Love the sound of your dream home. x

  • Reply Jo Ojosworld Henley 28th January 2017 at 2:53 pm

    I'm like you, always on rightmove. I would love to build my own house, nice and big, with high ceilings, a game room and it's own movie room. Bliss.

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