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The Home That Made Us

11th July 2017
the home that made us

Back in 2008 we bought a house, fast forward to 2017 and we are leaving behind a home. The home that made us. We bought this house as a young couple, just starting out, with no real idea of what the future held, just hopes and dreams. We leave this home as a family. A content and settled family, cats and all.

It will be sad to go, to say goodbye to a home full of happy memories; but it’s the right time for us, it’s time to make memories in a new home, a bigger home, our forever home.

The living room has seen A LOT. It’s been our central hub for nine years. The hub for many a house party, parties which went on until 5am, where we drank, danced and sang (badly). This floor has had A LOT of alcohol spilt on it. Then, once we had settled down, it saw a baby born on it, followed by having plenty of bottles thrown up on it and food thrown on it in protests and rage. The happiest memories of all have been made in the living room.

The dining room doesn’t see a lot of action, it’s just an extension to the living room and usually a dumping ground. Though it is where I hosted my very first Christmas dinner, spilling across both the dining room and the living room as there were quite a few of us. It is where Aria opened her first Christmas presents, her first Birthday presents and subsequent presents thereafter.

country style ikea kitchen

The kitchen, my precious kitchen, how I will miss you so. If I could take one room with me it would be you. Though narrow and not quite perfect you are beautiful. I hated you for so many years but then came 2014, the year that we decided to make you over, to extend you and give you a new lease of life; and my how you thrived. I love my new IKEA kitchen and am so sad to say goodbye to you.  We anxiously and nervously picked each part of the kitchen, piece by piece, and just hoped that it all complimented each other, and that it did, you are a thing of beauty. Excitement soon turned to frustration when the work started, I was pregnant; tired and sick. The last thing I needed was to be living in a building site, especially one that I had to cross each time I needed to go to the bathroom, which was a lot. Frustration soon turned to excitement again when things started to take shape, and then I fell in love.

I wouldn’t usually expect many tales to come from the bathroom, but in this house there are a few! You see, I almost gave birth in that very bath. I spent a lot of my pregnancy in here to be fair, I was sick most days during my pregnancy, often several times a day. Then came the unplanned homebirth, when the hospital sent me home and told me to relax in a warm bath I never dreamt that I would soon be led in that very bath; wet, cold and naked, water drained and wanting to push; furiously sucking away on the gas and air handed to me by the fairly shocked and concerned first responder. Thankfully the midwives came and managed to move me to the living room where my darling daughter was born.

bedroom with white wooden flooring, white brick wallpaper and fitted wardrobes

Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you those kind of bedroom tales. The bedroom has had many a makeover, it’s so nice, light and airy, and is home to two of the prettiest things known to man, my cluster lights and my dressing table. I am sure that these will look just as pretty in the new home. This bedroom is where I came shortly after giving birth, I was bathed and so was Aria, then we went up to the bed with the breastfeeding specialist to get comfortable as we were having problems breastfeeding. We spent hours in that bed and eventually we were happy that Aria had fed. The bedroom is where Aria slept for the first two months of her life, by my side in her moses basket. This bedroom is where Aria first discovered lipstick, and decided to cover herself and the floor with it. To this day she still frequents this bedroom in the evenings, those evenings when she just won’t settle so sleeps in the big bed in-between mammy and daddy.

nursery with white wooden floor white walls and white furniture

Aria’s bedroom started as a dumping ground, somewhere to store all the crap that we really didn’t need. Then it progressed into my dressing room. A room where I kept my clothes and my make-up, with a feature wall especially decorated for posing in front of. Then it found it’s true purpose, a nursery and then a little big girls bedroom, fit for a Princess. This room has seen a lot of joy, and also, a lot of frustration. It’s where I sat for hours upon hours attempting to breastfeed Aria, for her to fall asleep or fail to latch. It’s where I made the decision that breastfeeding wasn’t going to work for us. It’s where Aria said her first word, where she first slept in a cot and where she first slept in a single bed. We’ve had many sleepy cwtches here, and also sleepy protests. It’s been a rollercoaster of a room and it’s been perfect.

converted attic with wooden floors perfect office space

I didn’t truly appreciate the converted attic for many years, as soon as we saw the house Spencer claimed it as his ‘games room’ and that was that, it was somewhere for him to escape and play the computer and for me to fill up with clothes horses full of soggy clothes. More recently I’ve discovered your potential. I’ve added my own desk and computer, along with pretty accessories. You’ve become my attic office. In recent years I’ve been desperate to paint you, to let you live up to your true potential, but then the house went on the market so there was no point. Unfortunately you remain yellow and neglected, though I am sure that your new owners will change that given time.

July 2017 is where our story ends, when I say bye to my first home and hello to my new home, my family home. Thank you for the memories.


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  • Reply Bear and Cardigan 12th July 2017 at 7:07 am

    What lovely memories. I had an unplanned home birth, on 26th February (how spooky!) just a few(well 28) years before you. It was sad leaving the house I’d given birth in but we are now in our forever home and have never regretted the move. You will make memories in your new house and it will quickly become your home.

    • Reply Leanne 19th July 2017 at 5:37 pm

      Oh wow that is so freaky!

  • Reply Tracey Williams 12th July 2017 at 8:29 pm

    Aw what beautiful memories for every single room of your house. It must have been hard to leave, especially as Aria was born in the house. We have been in our home for 17 years and like you it has seen ALOT x

  • Reply Liz 16th July 2017 at 9:09 am

    Aw this is so lovely. It must have been really difficult to leave, but I’m sure you’ll make loads of incredible memories in your new place!

    Liz x
    Distract Me Now Please

  • Reply Amy @ Arty apple 18th July 2017 at 7:48 am

    Ahh this is a great post for you to look back on. So many memories are made in the house that you start off as a couple and end up as a family. Lovely x

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