The Mummy Blogger’s Christmas Wishlist

14th November 2017
The Mummy Blogger's Christmas Wishlist

I always struggle when it comes to thinking up gift ideas for myself, I’m not very good with money and if I want something, I tend to buy it. This year has seen us moving into a new house and me (attempting) to restrain myself when it comes to spending money, which has resulted in me building up quite a nice wishlist!

I’m not even slightly organised and I am always looking for things to help combat that, they really never work but a good planner and a to-do list always make me feel slightly more relaxed. There is something so very satisfying about crossing things off a list. As always, the prettier the stationery the better.

A pretty desk is an essential part of blogging right? As a blogger I spend a lot of time at my desk area so I want it to look good, and of course I may want to take photos of my blogging area in which case it needs to look especially good!

I genuinely really need both of these. I’m always multi-tasking between my phone and computer when working so the phone stand is the perfect hands free solution, with a charger, and it looks pretty. All boxes ticked. As for the mug, I like coffee, strike that, I need coffee.

This may seem boring for the non-blogger/photography lovers amongst us, but believe me, these are hot stuff, the stuff of bloggers dreams in fact. Taking photos in this dark, horrible Winter is hard work. Even in the Summer a lot of us are left with no choice but to take our photos when the kids are in bed and the lighting just isn’t good. I am hoping that this light will answer both my photography and filming woes.

My ultimate, ultimate present which I know I’m not going to get but I can always dream, is a GoPro. I’ve wanted a GoPro for so long but I haven’t been able to justify the expense, a DSLR upgrade, new lenses and a vlogging camera all took priority. I also really want one of these to go with my GoPro.

mummy bloggers Christmas list

Let’s be honest, most camera bags are ugly, practical they may be but kind on the eye they are not. I rarely go out without my DSLR and so I spent many hours trawling the internet in search of a nice looking camera bag. I was thrilled when I stumbled across Shutter Totes and ordered a bag straight away, a bag which I love and is used a lot. I love my bag so much that I am now fancying another bag from the same person, in the form of this lovely DSLR backpack (beware that if you are nice enough to buy me this you probably will incur a customs charge if ordering to the UK).

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