The (Not Big or Fat) Quiz of The Year

4th January 2017

Jenny from Chilling with Lucas tagged me to answer ‘the (not big or fat) quiz of the year’ which I thought was a great way of reflecting back on 2016. I’ll be honest, I struggled to think back on the whole year so most of my answers will be from the back end of 2016 – mum brain really is a thing!

the not big or fat quiz of the year-blog tag quiz reflecting on the year 2016.

What was the highlight of 2016?

There were so many highlights, I found my dream job, and then left to start the ultimate dream job (blogging for a living), Aria turned one and we had a lovely cake smash session and a Mad Hatter’s Themed birthday party, my photography has come on leaps and bounds, but, the main highlight? At twenty two months after fears of hip dysplasia Aria finally took her first steps, and hasn’t stopped since!

Name one thing you are most likely to remember about 2016 if asked in five years time?

Most definitely Aria’s walking journey. We were so worried that hip dysplasia may have been why she wasn’t walking at such a late stage and so relieved when we had the all clear X-Ray results back, then when she took those first steps we were over the moon.

Sum up 2016 in one word.

Exciting. With Aria walking, career changes, three holidays and loads more 2016 was a fantastic and very exciting year for me.

Name one pearl of wisdom from 2016 that you will carry with you through 2017.

Think positive. We had a few scares in 2016, not only were there worries about Aria but there were worries in a few other areas of the family too, all of which are personal to others so I am not going to go into any detail other than to say that all of them were just that, a scare. Every single scare that our families faced turned out to be nothing to worry about. As hard as it is always think positive.

Do you have any new year resolutions?

I always say that I don’t make resolutions as I tend to fail them, but I often start a new year feeling motivated to make changes and with plenty of hope. This year I would like to loose weight (again, I say it every year!), become fitter, get more active as a family, become more thrifty and, of course, take the blogging world by storm (I’m only partially joking!).

How did you see in the new year?

We’re old and boring now and don’t tend to go out for New Year’s Eve. To be honest I always think it’s a disappoint and waste of money, I used to love it back in the day when you would go out and see everyone you know and have a real good night and catch up with old friends, but now most people I know don’t go out and it seems pointless spending money to sit in a pub with strangers when we could just stay at home as a family. So, instead, we went to M&S and bought their New Year dine in offer and a kids cottage pie for Aria (she loves them), had a lovely meal as a family before putting Aria to bed for the night, then got slightly tipsy off Cava, watched Robbie Williams and the London fireworks then went to bed at around 12:10am. Rock and roll.

What would you most like to do in 2017?

Sell my bloody house. We’ve been trying to sell our house for what seems like forever, after initially accepting one of two offers at the end of 2015 and that falling through we can’t seem to get rid of it! I would love to finally buy our family home this year. And maybe have another baby… Let’s try and make a success of this blogging career before committing to such things though!

What are your main goals for 2017?

To make a success of my blogging career. I have the perfect opportunity to work for myself from home in the hours that suit me and spend more time with Aria. I really want this to work for me and for her. I intend to put a lot of time and effort into this and make it into a viable, regular income. Eventually I would like to earn enough so that I can afford for Aria’s entire wardrobe to be made up of gorgeous clothing from the likes of Next, Little Bird and me&i – but for now making ends meet and Primark clothing will do.

I am going to tag all of my best blogging friends to take part in this tag, because without them 2016 wouldn’t have been anywhere near as much fun!

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  • Reply Jo Ojosworld Henley 4th January 2017 at 7:42 pm

    It sounds awful, but I can't think of anything memorable in 2016, I'm too boring haha. I've loved seeing Aria walking this year, she's done amazing x

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