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The Ten Stages of Dieting

14th June 2017
The Ten Stages of Dieting

We’ve all been there, and by all I mean all of us serial dieters. Us yo yo dieters. Those of us who like to experiment with the latest fad diets. Those of us who are never happy with our weight and are always planning to do something about it. I know the ten stages of dieting well. I go through them on every single diet, and am currently on point number ten .



1. I can do this. This diet sounds really easy and manageable. I can’t believe I haven’t tried it before!

2. One little treat here and there won’t hurt, I’ve changed my eating habits so drastically, I deserve it, plus my body needs time to adjust.

3. I can’t do it. I’m starving. And snapping at everyone. I’m hangry.

4. Meltdown over, that was a blip, I can do this.

5. We’ve been invited out for food. Panic stations. I know, I’ll calorie count the meal and also take my own low calorie food just in case. That was actually quite easy, I’m proud.

6. I’ve lost 10lbs woohoo!

7. That means I deserve a treat right? Just a small one, maybe a takeaway…

8. I’ve spiralled out of control, I’m crying into my pot of melted Nutella and shortbread biscuits. I will never be skinny.

9. Regret.

10. I CAN do this, I just needed to get that out of my system…

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