The Whacky Mansion Wooden Playhouse from Big Game Hunters

23rd August 2017
Review of Whacky Mansion Wooden playhouse from big game hunters

I’ve wanted a playhouse for me/Aria for as long as I can remember, I dreamt of a pretty wooden playhouse complete with flower boxes and gingham curtains, surrounded by a white picket fence sat on a beautifully manicured lawn. As I’m sure you can imagine I was quite excited when the beautiful and bright Whacky Mansion Wooden Playhouse from Big Game Hunters* landed on my doorstep.

Now to work on that beautifully manicured lawn and white picket fence…

Review of Whacky Mansion Wooden playhouse from big game hunters

The whacky mansion arrived flat packed, as you can see in the video it took three men, a lot of head scratching and a few bottles of beer to build, although maybe two men could have managed it with a little less head scratching if the beer hadn’t have been involved.

The panels are ready-to-fit with the windows and door already fitted, so all you need to do is secure the panels together using the pre-drilled holes and clearly labelled screws.

The playhouse is made from premium fir wood, pre-stained with a hardwearing, colourful wood stain to enhance the beauty of the wood. It is sturdy and you can really tell that it has been made to last. I love that it comes ready painted in such a bright and fun colour, who has the time to paint a wooden playhouse? Not this mama!

Review of Whacky Mansion Wooden playhouse from big game hunters

Now, call me a snob if you want, but I didn’t want a cheap plastic playhouse sitting in my garden looking ugly, my garden is lovely and I want to keep it looking that way. The whacky mansion playhouse is perfect as it looks beautiful in the garden, bringing an extra little bit of charm with it.

Review of Whacky Mansion Wooden playhouse from big game hunters

Aria LOVES the playhouse, as do her older niece and nephew (five and eight) who love to visit ‘Aria’s house’. Aria loves peeking through the windows, exploring in her house and filling it with all her favourite toys. She also likes to stash food in there, I need to watch that! Aria’s favourite thing to do is open and close the door and windows, so it is a relief that there are soft close magnets built into them to prevent them slamming on their fingers. This also means that the door doesn’t swing open in the wind and we aren’t providing a free cat shelter for the local strays.

Review of Whacky Mansion Wooden playhouse from big game hunters

So much attention to detail went into this playhouse to really make it look the part, there is even a little chimney. I cannot wait to pop some fake flowers in the flower boxes and maybe even get some little curtains up, gingham of course. I love the little letterbox and the chalkboard above the door, which I really must write on soon.

The playhouse really encourages imaginative play, so far I have heard it referred to as a house, a shop and a cinema! The kids love to open the window and play ‘shop’.

The playhouse doesn’t come with floor as standard, that will cost you a little extra on top, you will want to consider where you plan on putting the playhouse and whether or not you need the floor before buying. We will eventually be moving our playhouse up on to the concrete area and plan to buy some fake grass to act as a carpet for protection and extra cosiness.

*Disclosure – we received the Whacky Mansion playhouse in exchange for promotion – purchase your own here*

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