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20th November 2017
JML Christmas Hacks - Tree Dazzler review

JML are well known for making everyday life easier, but did you know that they also make Christmas easier? They have solved some of my most hated problems this Christmas and I’m a little excited about it!

JML Christmas Hacks - Star Shower Slide Show Review

I want to put lights up outside but I don’t want to drill into the exterior of the house and I don’t want leads trailing out of windows. 

In step the Star Shower Slide Show, all you need is one plug and it can cover your whole house in an amazing display. It is weather proof and has slides for every event, including Halloween and Easter. There are twelve light shows to choose between, ranging from a subtle white snowflake design to the more tacky Santa’s and stockings designs.

JML Christmas Hacks - Tree Dazzler review

I am fed up of spending hours detangling my Christmas tree lights, which are actually quite boring. 

The Tree Dazzler is a game changer when it comes to Christmas tree lights, and I’m not just saying this, I am seriously super impressed with it. The lights are on a hoop which you just pop over the top of your tree, they then fall down nicely and can be arranged super quickly. The lights are chunky, bright and there are so many choices for how you have them, my favourite is the rainbow light show!

JML Christmas Hacks - Stufz Burger maker review

I want to make the most amazing turkey burgers stuffed with brie and cranberry but getting the stuffing to stay in the burger is such a faff.

This is where StufZ comes in, the stuffed burger press and burger maker. This takes quite a bit of getting used to and is quite flimsy, but, the end result is perfectly stuffed burgers which makes me happy.

Chopping garlic takes up so much time and makes my hands stink. 

Not anymore, the garlic cutter four piece set is a game changer when it comes to garlic. I would actually go as far to say it’s a life changer. I love garlic but I have resorted to buying frozen, diced garlic as I hate chopping garlic. The frozen garlic is never as good as fresh but it will do. Now that I have this cutter I will happily chop fresh garlic, I literally just need to cut the ends off, roll it around, twist and it’s done!

JML Christmas Hacks - StufZ burger press & smart veggie cutter review

I’d love some homemade chips to go with my stuffed burger but it’s such a monotonous job.

This is where the Veggie Cut SmartCutter comes in handy. This is fab for chopping vegetables into perfect diced chips. It takes quite a lot of force and I’ve since discovered that banging down on it is easier than pushing down. Even with the force required it is so much easier than chopping chips!

Now I just need a one touch item that makes my entire Christmas dinner and I’ll be happy!

JML Christmas Hacks - Tree Dazzler review

*Disclosure – We received these items in exchange for an honest review*

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