Tips for Photographing Newborns

5th January 2017
*This is a Collaborative Post*

Newborns are new for such a short time that it’s really important to capture their soft, well, newness before it evaporates and they become more alert and part of the world. You’d think that photographing newborn babies would be easy – it’s not like they’re going to get up and run away, after all!

However, there are a few tricks you can use to get the most out of a newborn photo-shoot. If you or someone you know has a new baby, you can take some amazing shots and combine them in a collage canvas from Hello Canvas as a keepsake or gift.

Tips for photographing newborns - a blog post full of tips to capture great images of your newborn baby

Getting the baby ready

Of course there are countless special moments and firsts with a new baby, but you can’t arrange for them to happen when the light is ideal and there’s no milk dribble! These are more suitable for instant smartphone captures, whereas for a canvas collage, you need to get everything right, which entails planning.


Everyone loves the current trend for photographing newborns in sleeping poses, covered with crocheted blankets and hats, or laid out on a sheepskin rug. It’s easy, really, as newborns are asleep a lot and a happy, well-fed sleepy baby is much easier to arrange into cute poses! If you’re planning a shoot, time it to coincide with a nap and make sure you have everything ready – blankets, hats, baskets and so forth. Then, once she’s all full of milk and is dropping off, you can strike!

You’ll need to have mum and dad on hand, as the unusual activity might make naps shorter, and a familiar voice and smell will help to relax the baby. The room will need to be warm, too, as few things make new babies as miserable as feeling cold.

What to use

Some people might want to do away with nappies and blankets for a few shots, and this can look adorable, but you need to box clever to reduce the chance of accidents and be prepared for – ahem – mishaps. One of the reasons for using woollen, linen or silky blankets with a baby is to accentuate the softness of the baby’s skin, especially if the props are in neutral colours.

A touch of fun

You don’t have to stick to muted neutrals, you can dress the baby in a fun costume if you want, for a bit of variety. It might be an idea to try out the costumes later in the shoot, when the baby is a bit more awake, as waking her up when she wants to sleep isn’t a great idea. Alternatively, you can try out different hats, as this doesn’t involve quite so much fussing, chopping and changing.

Long-lasting memories

You might be doing the photo-shoot for a fun experience, or you might be planning to print some canvases or portraits for yourself and for relatives to keep forever as a memento of those precious early days. Remember, they fly by in a sleep-deprived haze, so don’t tarry!

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