Today’s The Day The Puppy Dog Pals Had Their Picnic

8th June 2018
Disney puppy dog pals merchandise

To celebrate the launch of new Disney Junior show, Puppy Dog Pals, the Disney Store kindly sent us some of their Puppy Dog Pals merchandise*.

Aria and I decided that we would treat Rolly and Bingo to a picnic, they deserve it after all their hard work secretly saving the world! Unfortunately the weather wasn’t on our side, so we resorted to an indoor picnic, but we still had lots of fun!

Disney puppy dog pals merchandise

We decided that it would be safer to shut our own dog, Dobby, out while we were eating our picnic, not only did he want to eat all our delicious food, but he also wanted to eat poor Rolly and Bingo! We ate our food in comfort and talked all about Dobby.

While Rolly and Bingo’s owners are out of the house, Rolly and Bingo secretly save the world! Rolly and Bingo’s secret lives got us wondering about our very own dog, Dobby. Is Dobby just as lazy as we think or he is secretly quite special?

Disney puppy dog pals merchandise

We came to the conclusion that Dobby does indeed lead a secret life when we are out of sight, does he save the world? No! Instead, Dobby gets all his friends together and hosts an indoor picnic of his very own. They sit around eating nice food, including chocolate fingers a’plenty. They talk about woofs and have competitions to find out who has loudest woof! We’re pretty sure Dobby wins every time.

Disney puppy dog pals merchandise

He may not be busy saving the world, but he sure is having fun!

*Disclosure – the Disney Store gifted the Puppy Dog Pals merchandise to us in exchange for coverage*

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