Toddler Tantrums, Tears & Sickness

12th September 2016

I say toddler, is Aria a toddler now? I’ve always thought toddler status came with walking, Aria isn’t walking yet but at eighteen months old I don’t really think of her as a baby now, and the tantrums seem very toddler-ish.

toddler tears tantrums and sickness. crying baby sat on bed wearing i'm not tired vest and pink tutu

We’ve always made excuses for Aria’s moods, because we have always believed that there is a reason for them, such as teething. Lately I am starting to think that we just have a tantrum-ing toddler. Take today, for example; I bought Aria a little clip on Peppa Pig while we were out shopping. I handed it to her and she loved it. I then clipped it onto the strap of the pushchair as I don’t trust her to keep a hold of it. She had a meltdown because she didn’t want it on the strap, she wanted to hold it.

I shouldn’t have, but I took it off the strap and gave it to her, she has been unwell the last few days so I felt sorry for her. On the bus home the lady opposite us wasn’t paying Aria any attention, despite Aria’s best efforts. The next thing I know Aria threw her Peppa Pig across the bus at this unsuspecting woman. She really is a tantrum-ing toddler.

She has been unwell, she was sick on Thursday night and hasn’t been right since. She isn’t eating properly, she isn’t sleeping properly and she is super clingy. Saturday night was the worse night that I have ever had with her, and typically Spencer was away leaving me to deal with her alone. She woke up pretty much every forty-five minutes through to approximately 5am, this combined with the fact that I had been up with her since 6am that morning almost killed me off. *I am only slightly exaggerating.*

Our mother & baby matching tired tops are very apt right now.

mum and baby wearing matching tops I'm so tired and I'm not tired

I wanted to ring spencer, to make him listen to her crying and feel bad for leaving us. But why? Why should he feel bad? He had gone to visit his brother, and while he was there he was buying us a new family car. Why should he feel guilty about that? And what good would it have done anyway? He would be sat in a house over 100 miles away from us feeling just as useless, if not more, than I did.

Somehow both Aria and I survived the night. The next day came the refusal to eat. Aria often goes through periods of refusing to eat, we assume that it is teething related but we aren’t 100% sure, thankfully we have found a solution to the problem in the form of Piccolo pouches*.

teething baby refusing to eat eating a piccolo fruit and yoghurt pouch

The organic pouches are fab, they contain fruit and/or veg and are made with 100% natural ingredients. They have become our go to food when Aria is teething, she will often drink 2-3 in a row which I am more than happy about as they are natural and healthy. She has been lucky enough to try some of the new flavours before anyone else and they get a big thumbs up from her.

new flavour piccolo fruit and veg food pouches for babies natural and organic

How do you deal with tantrums and refusal to eat?

Disclosure : We received the Piccolo pouches for review purposes.

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  • Reply Emily Peacock 12th September 2016 at 7:08 pm

    Eek, I remember this stage well with Indiana! Is she in a development leap? That might explain the crying / tantrums / lack of eating? Parker's already a tantruming toddler and he's only 13 months haha xx

  • Reply Becster 12th September 2016 at 10:04 pm

    Don't know if it helps but we're also going through a tantrum and not-eating phase with my eldest. We are firmly in the Terribles Twos. It's really annoying and emotions are tense! I hope your phase doesn't last long. I love her tutu dress by the way!! x

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