Top Tips For Washing Your Toddler’s Hair & Creating an Enjoyable Bathtime

24th August 2018
Top Tips For Washing Your Toddler's Hair & Creating an Enjoyable Bathtime

*Disclosure – This post is sponsored as part of my role as a Johnson’s Ambassador*

I’ve mentioned our struggles with bathing Aria many a time before now, she has never been very confident in water and I am the first to own up and admit that we haven’t helped the situation. Rather than persevering and continuing with regular bath times, we would often opt to avoid the meltdown and skip bath time. Hair washing was way down our list of priorities, with her hair sometimes only washed once every two weeks.

Aria is now three and a half. Aria now asks for/demands a bath. Aria now enjoys having her hair washed with both shampoo and conditioner. We’ve tried a few tricks along the way, which I am going to share with you today.

Shallow baths with toys and lots of bubbles – Aria hated bath times so much that they had become a chore, a quick in and out job, straight down to the business of getting her clean with no fun involved at all. We soon realised that this approach to bathing was not helping the situation. At all. We started to run shallow baths for Aria, with plenty of bubbles and pesky bath toys and just let her play in it. No hair washing, just good old fashioned fun. Add a bubble machine for maximum fun times.

Top Tips For Washing Your Toddler's Hair & Creating an Enjoyable Bathtime - play with bubbles

Pick your products wisely – We use all Johnson’s products for Aria and have done since she was a baby. We love the familiar scent and the no more tears formula. If your child is already sensitive to having their hair washed the last thing you want to do is use a product that will irritate them.

Top Tips For Washing Your Toddler's Hair & Creating an Enjoyable Bathtime - hold a flannel over your toddler's face while rinsing their hair

Flannel trick – I can’t believe we didn’t do this sooner. Simply ask your child to hold a flannel tightly over their face when you rinse off their hair. This stops the water getting in their eyes and, in our case at least, stops the tantrums. If your child isn’t old enough to hold their own flannel hold it in place for them.

Top Tips For Washing Your Toddler's Hair & Creating an Enjoyable Bathtime - encourage independence by asking them to rinse their own hair

Encourage independence – Aria loves to feel grown up, she loves to do things herself. By encouraging her to rinse her own hair she feels independent and is a lot happier taking the control from us. She doesn’t rinse the shampoo out very well so we tend to just ask her to do it to get her used to the water.

Swimming lessons to build confidenceSwimming lessons were a massive step to increasing Aria’s confidence in water. So much so that I plan to take baby number two for lessons very early on.

Top Tips For Washing Your Toddler's Hair & Creating an Enjoyable Bathtime - switch up your products, use products that they like

Big girl shampoo and conditioner – Aria is obsessed with the fact that she is a ‘big girl’ now, so, when we made the switch to Johnson’s Shiny Drops shampoo and conditioner we made a big deal of it. We told her that it was special shampoo and conditioner for big girls. She loves her new big girl shampoo and conditioner.

Conditioner – If you’re still struggling you will most likely be tempted to skip conditioner to avoid the extra hair rinse. Instead of skipping it altogether you may want to consider one of Johnson’s alternative offerings in the form of 2in1 shampoo & conditioner or a leave in spray conditioner. The spray conditioners can be used on dry hair and are also great for easily removing tangles and quick freshen ups.

Johnson’s Wash cloths – if you really can’t deal with the battle tonight don’t feel guilty, it is emotionally draining and challenging. There is no harm in giving them a quick wipe down this time. Johnson’s washcloths are perfect for this.

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  • Reply Emma 25th August 2018 at 7:50 am

    I love how bright and colourful the photos are in this post! Some brilliant tips too. My youngest absolutely hates bathtime until he’s in there and then you can’t get him out! x

  • Reply Maria Hughes 17th September 2018 at 6:50 pm

    Lily hates me washing her hair – she loves daddy or nanny doing it it’s not me! I’m from the school of just get it over and done quick! x

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