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Travelling with a Baby & Pre-Schooler In Tow {AD}

10th July 2019

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Since having children we haven’t braved going abroad, it’s so much easier to just haphazardly throw everything into the car and not worry about cramming it into suitcases. Plus, the thought of hot and bothered children running around near a pool does not do it for me.

When we go away we tend to stick to family resorts, places that we know are child friendly and usually provide things like high chairs, travel cot, bed guards, etc.

Top tips for travelling with a Baby & Pre-Schooler In Tow

I get really stressed out when it comes to packing and always worry that I’ve forgotten something, but in reality, there are always shops nearby, so it really doesn’t matter too much if you forget something. We once had to head into town to buy Aria a toothbrush and toothpaste as we’d packed our own but somehow missed hers!

We’ve never worried about taking them out of their routine on holiday and have been lucky not to experience any problems, but we are quite relaxed with routines day to day anyway, often having late nights on weekends and no real routine set in stone other than attempting bedtime at seven on school nights. Carrie seems to have formed a routine for herself with a morning and afternoon nap, but she will take cat naps in the pushchair if we’re out and about. She does get grumpy if she’s tired, but as long as there is entertainment to take her mind off it she will be fine.

Top tips for travelling with a Baby & Pre-Schooler In Tow

The first time we took Aria on holiday she was just two months old and bottle fed. We made sure that we packed plenty of formula, bottles and a microwave steriliser. We checked with the resort which confirmed that the lodge included a microwave, but what we hadn’t considered was that the microwave might be smaller than ours and the steriliser might not fit! Thankfully it just about fit so we were fine, but it’s definitely worth considering that their microwave may be smaller and you could struggle. Personally, if we were needing to take a steriliser on holiday now I would opt for a cold-water steriliser as you don’t have to worry, and I actually think they are better for day to day use anyway!

Here are my top tips for travelling with children:

  • When packing, if you’re taking things like a Moses basket or baby bath, pack all of your baby’s stuff into them.
  • Consider taking large bags rather than suitcases. If you’re struggling to fit everything into your car as these are far more flexible than suitcases and can easily be squished to squeeze things next to them.
  • Phone ahead and find out what the accommodation provides, some places provide items such as bed guard rails, travel cots and high chairs.
  • Pack a separate small bag/case for each child with things that you may need straight away, such as toys, dummies, bottles.
  • When packing to come home, if possible, keep one case for dirty washing and one for any clean clothes and anything else. When you get home the dirty case can be left by the washing machine until it’s all washed and the other packed away straight away (or two months later if you’re anything like me!).
  • Consider taking a travel black out blind to help them sleep.

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Top tips for travelling with a Baby & Pre-Schooler In Tow

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