Two Cats & A Baby – Four Months On

Two Cats & A Baby – Four Months On
Despite Kitty & Bob both being very well behaved and placid cats we couldn’t help but worry about how they would react when we introduced a baby into our home. Now that they have all lived together for four months I feel it is time to write about how they are getting along.
cat and baby lying on bed together

cat watching over baby
First up, Bob. Bob doesn’t get too close to Aria, but he is often found within an arms reach of her. He tends to watch over her, if he goes out and comes back in when Aria is napping he walks around meowing and looking for her. If she is lying on the bed or the play mat he will often go and sit with her.
He will even tolerate her kicking him when she gets excited, she doesn’t kick very hard at the moment so this may change as she gets bigger and stronger.
Bob and Aria are forming a bond and I am enjoying watching it develop, it is very one sided at the moment as Aria really isn’t bothered by the cats, but Bob is a fan. Either that or he wants to keep close to keep an eye on her!
cat and baby who are friends lying on a play mat together
cat jealous of baby trying to steal attention by pushing baby out of the way
Kitty is a very needy, loving cat who requires and gives a lot of affection, she has always been treated, and acted, like a baby. Now that Aria has arrived Kitty still gets this attention, but no where near as much, as a result she can get quite jealous. She is never nasty to Aria and I don’t think she ever will be, but she does try and push her out. The above picture was taken while I was trying to feed Aria, Kitty likes to try and steal the attention! If Aria is on one of our laps Kitty will often jump up and try to steal the attention.
Kitty also loves Aria’s things, if we leave anything out Kitty will be in it, she has tried to sleep in the Moses basket, the pram, the cushion under the jumperoo, the play mat, the car seat – basically anything that we leave out!
Unlike Bob Kitty will only ever approach Aria if she is on one of our laps, she never just goes and chills out with her like Bob does!
Cat sleeping on babies things
We never leave Aria alone with the cats and always close her bedroom door when she is in there alone to prevent them getting in, even though I trust both of them you can never be too sure.


  1. 30th June 2015 / 9:32 pm

    awww, lovely pictures! I am in the same situation, I have two cats and a 13 week old baby. How the cats reacted to Joshua was a bit concern, but thankfully they have been fine x

  2. 1st July 2015 / 9:07 am

    How cute is Bob?! He's taken it as his job to look over her! Bless him xx

  3. Becster
    1st July 2015 / 9:01 pm

    Cute photos! I especially love the second one when Aria looks over at the camera. We have two dogs and it took a while to introduce them to Little Miss. One loves playing with her whilst the other won't go anywhere near her.

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