The Ultimate Moving Day Survival Kit

The Ultimate Moving Day Survival Kit

Our move is progressing well and we are hoping to complete next Friday (!); we are yet to exchange contracts but all parties are agreeable to the date and so it is time to get prepared.

It’s no secret that moving house is up there on the list of life’s most stressful events, and with moving day looming, my stress levels are slowly but surely going through the roof. As a result I intend to take all the advice that I can in a bid to keep stress levels to a minimum, including this fab ultimate moving day survival list which should help us combat moving day like pros.

1. Food & Beverages: Moving day can be pretty strenuous, which means keeping hydrated and well fueled is vital. Set aside the absolute essentials like tea/coffee, mugs, the kettle, plastic cutlery & plates, snacks, cereal bars, crisps, fruit and bottled water.

You may want to keep a few take away menus handy – cooking dinner will be the last thing you’ll want to do once moving day is done.

2. Tools ’n’ Stuff: It’s amazing the things you’ll find yourself needing on moving day; torches, lightbulbs, packing tape, candles, screwdrivers and penknives are among a few of them. Just think of this part of the kit as a mini version of what’s in a ‘man draw’ and you’ll be fine.

3. Toiletries: Let’s start with the basics – toilet rolls and soap – plenty of both, trust me. Next is toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo and other bathroom essentials. It might also be ideal to buy some miniatures for this to save on bulk and you may want to add in a mini first aid kit, just in case.

4. Cleaning Clobber: Whether you’re cleaning your old or new house you’re going to need a good multi-purpose spray, paper towels, washing-up liquid, anti-bac wipes, bleach and plenty of sponges. Chances are you’ll have packed your bin, so keep a roll of bin liners with these items too for any rubbish.

5. Bedding: One thing you’ll need more than anything at the end of moving day is your bed. Avoid having to trawl through boxes and add a set of bedding to your survival kit – you’ll most definitely thank yourself for it.

6. Documents & Digits: On moving day you’ll be conversing with every man and his dog, so having contracts and contact details for your removals company, the bank, your surveyor and anyone else you might need to hand will save a lot of faff. Put them in a clear expandable file with labels and dividers so they can be easily retrieved, and chuck in a few pens too.

Having a checklist with these documents is also advisable for recording things like final meter readings which you’ll be taking on moving day.

7. Phone Chargers: This one is pretty self-explanatory but is absolutely necessary; you’re going to need your phone and it’s going to need juice.

8. Clothes Change: Let’s face facts – you’re going to be cleaning floors, doors, kitchens, bathrooms, shifting boxes and making countless trips up and down the stairs, so it’ll be pretty hard to keep clean during moving day. Having a pair of clean clothes to change into is a must!

All you need to do now is stick all of the above in a moving bag and you’ll power through moving day without a hitch. My personal recommendation is to add a bottle of bubbly into the mix so you can celebrate once you’re in your new home. And lastly, Good Luck!

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