Ways To Freshen Up A Cluttered Home

Ways To Freshen Up A Cluttered Home

Clutter does not occur overnight; it takes weeks, months and sometimes even years for things to pile up in the house, thanks to impulse shopping, discount sales and hand-me-downs from family and friends. Today, people are gravitating towards an uncluttered life and prefer fewer things around them. In fact, this could be just what you need as fewer items mean less cleaning and stress, more time to enjoy other important things and life, and enjoying spending time in an organised and clean home.

The journey to de-cluttering and freshening up the look and feel of your home does not have to be a painful one. Instead, you can come up with some creative ways to get rid of the clutter and enjoy the entire process. So, without much ado, here are ways to freshen up your home and remove unwanted things from your home.

Identify the problem areas

Check the problem areas in each and create a list of what needs to be cleared and the kind of storage solution you require for each area. It is much easier to create zones in each room and tackle one zone at a time rather than trying to de-clutter the entire room in one go. Just retain those things that you genuinely need and use regularly. If you haven’t used something for a month or so, get rid of it. You don’t need it.

Be more organised

Being organised does take a little effort, but it is worthwhile. Maintain a pocket-sized notepad to pen down to-dos, thoughts and plans on a daily basis. Check what you have written at the end of the day and create a realistic plan to tackle each item on your list. That can help get your home organised in a slow and steady manner.

Donate furniture

Most people have more furniture than they need. Check with family and friends if they want the furniture you are not using. Otherwise, take it to the local charity. That will help you reclaim your home and make it more spacious. With excess furniture out of the way, you can rearrange things to make each room appear different and also ensure there is more space to move around.

Clean the windows

Windows are often forgotten when it comes to spring cleaning or de-cluttering. So, get the sponge, bucket and warm soapy water out and clean the panes. You will be amazed at what a difference this can make to the entire room. With sunshine streaming into the room, it will appear more cheerful and airy. If you are worried about too much light coming in, install plantation shutters. The slats are moveable, and you can adjust them control the amount of sunlight coming into the room.

Commune with nature

One of the best ways to freshen up your home is with flowers and greenery. Place cut flowers in vases around your home. At the entrance, you can keep a broad-based earthen pot with water. Place colourful stones in the water and then let a few Tudor roses float in. In other rooms, you can place vases in corners and on tables with flowers, like chrysanthemums, daffodils, freesias, irises, lilies and delphiniums to create a riot of colour.

Paint a wall

In the living room or bedroom, select one wall. Paint it a bright colour to add more depth and character. You can opt for a bold and contrasting colour to give the room an audacious appearance Olive green, maroon, sky blue, magenta, orange and red are some colours that you can think of painting the wall. That will make the wall a focal point of the room. Use the wall to hang landscape pictures and other decorative items.

Refresh the upholstery

If you are to have the sofas and chairs in your home re-upholstered, go for it. Choose fabric that is bold and colourful to make the room more cheerful, welcoming and eye-catching. Otherwise, get cushion cover in bright and warm colours. Just make sure that the colours are in harmony with the rest of the décor. You can opt for complementary or contrasting colours, depending on your taste and preference.

Give the kitchen a makeover

One of the best ways to refresh your home is by giving your kitchen a makeover. It does not have to be expensive to do this. Instead of changing the kitchen cabinets and drawers, give them a fresh coat of paint and update the handles and knobs. Also, you can change the light fixtures to make your kitchen brighter and more welcoming. Copper pans and accessories are quite popular nowadays. Install hooks along one wall to hang your copper pans. Look for accessories with a little silver in them so that they blend in with your stainless-steel sink and draining board. It will make your kitchen look trendy while also being functional.

Final words

De-cluttering a home can seem like a challenging task. However, once you have done so, by taking steps to prevent clutter in the future, you will end up with a neater and more organised home. After that, you can use flowers, decorative items, curtains and shutters, and paint, to refresh and rejuvenate your home.

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