Weekly Meal Plan #1 – Baby Led Weaning Friendly Meals

Weekly Meal Plan #1 – Baby Led Weaning Friendly Meals

I’ve been meal planning for quite a while now, but have falling in to the trap of eating the same meals week after week. Now that we are starting to wean Carrie I’m going to be shaking things up a bit as I want her to try a wide variety of foods.

I currently plan five days worth of meals at a time, I do one big shop and find that the dates don’t last long enough to shop every seven days, so am trialling every five days. We pay monthly for a delivery pass so it doesn’t cost us any more to shop more often.

The evening meals that we will eat this week are as follows :

Goats cheese, beetroot & walnut salad – Aria will have chicken dippers, chips and veg sticks, I’m not even going to kid myself into thinking she will eat this! Carrie will have some veg sticks and maybe a chicken dipper or some pasta.

Bunless lemon & thyme turkey burgers with sweet potato chips & salad.

Chicken, sweet potato, red pepper & red onion paprika bake – this is one of my go to recipes. Just chop it all up, drizzle with olive oil and bake in the oven. Simple and delicious.

Cottage pie with sweet potato & cheese topping – I’m experimenting with bulking this out with lentils.

Roasted Halloumi Fajitas – I spotted this recipe over on Harriet’s blog and just have to try it for myself! I’ll be serving them with home made guacamole – just avocado and cherry tomatoes blitzed up with a pinch of chilli and a sprinkle of sea salt.

As I work from home I eat lunch at home too, for lunches I tend to have leftovers from the night before. I’ve bought some baking potatoes and tuna too.

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  1. 4th March 2019 / 8:00 pm

    Good luck with the weaning.
    It sounds like you have some great meals planned. I love the sound of the Roasted Halloumi Fajitas x

  2. 5th March 2019 / 9:50 am

    Sounds like you’re going to have a blinking tasting week! Thanks for linking up and I love your idea of doing it every 5 days instead!

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