We’re Johnson’s Ambassadors!

We’re Johnson’s Ambassadors!

I’m delighted to announce that we are Johnson’s brand ambassadors!

What does this mean? Of course, plenty of cute photos of Aria and, a little later in the year, the new baby. It means trialling some gorgeous products and letting you know what we think of them. It means getting down to the nitty gritty and finding out the real truth about Johnson’s products.

As part of my roll as a Johnson’s ambassador I am going to be learning a lot, which I will of course pass on to you throughout the year.

As an Ambassador for Johnson’s I’m not here to shove products down your face, I’m here to learn and to educate.

Johnson's Ambassadors - Toddler in milk bath with pink and purple flowers

I love Johnson’s Baby products and always have. When I found out I was pregnant with Aria I didn’t consider any other brand, without thinking about it I headed straight for the classic Johnson’s Baby products. When people came to my baby shower they turned up bearing Johnson’s Baby products. When I go to baby showers I turn up with Johnson’s Baby products.

Johnson’s Baby products have been used and loved for over 125 years, from generation to generation, our mother’s used them, our children will likely use it on their children, the products are familiar and they provide us with the classic baby smell that we all know and love.

Recently they’ve had some bad press. Us ambassadors are here to answer the questions that you are dying to ask, to debunk those myths that you’ve seen all over social media. To provide you with the real truth, and nothing else.

For example, contrary to popular belief, Johnson’s Baby products don’t contain Parabens, but did you know that you eat more Parabens through healthy, natural food, than you would ever be able to absorb through your skin?

I am proud to support Johnson’s.

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