What She REALLY Wants For Valentine’s Day

13th February 2017
what she really wants for valentine's day - valentine's gift guide for her featuring the romantic gifts that she really wants

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching (tomorrow, be quick!) I thought I would share my ideas of what she really wants for Valentine’s Day, after all there are only so many personalised mugs/phone cases/love plaques that you can buy. When you have been together for ten years, like Spencer and I, you really want to buy practical, yet perfect gifts.


I’m going to start with a contradiction – flowers and chocolates are always a great gift and the perfect way to my heart, and also the perfect solution for those of you who haven’t yet bought a gift. I personally have never been bought flowers in a romantic way, apart from when I split up with my ex but that didn’t quite have me melting at my knees in the way that he had hoped, in fact I gave them to my friend for her mother, but enough about that!

Back in my younger days I thought that flowers were a pointless gift and I was very vocal about the fact that they were a complete waste of money – why buy something that is just going to die after all? Fast forward more years than I care to admit and I now appreciate the finer things in life, including flowers, and love to receive them as a gift.

You may want to use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to bring some spice into your love life, and why not? If you do want to go down that route then check out My Favourite Voucher Codes where you can find discounts a-plenty, such as 50% off

If none of this is floating your boat why not go down the practical route? Pen Heaven stock a beautiful collection of gifts, including the leather journal* in the photo above; not only is it practical but the vibrant red and little gold love heart detail make it the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.

My dream Valentine’s gift? Spencer will be working so a surprise flower delivery during the day would be amazing, but what I would really like is for him to take everything off my hands when he arrives home from work in the evening. For him to cook a delicious meal for all three of us with no input from me, for him to put Aria to bed and allow me to relax and enjoy my evening.

Think back to conversations from months gone by, I for one am always stating things that I want, or in some cases things that I really need. If Spencer were to turn around a month or two down the line and surprise me with said gift it would show me that actually, he does listen after all!

Gifts aren’t about how much you spend, they are about how much thought you put into them. For example buying flowers for someone with hayfever would be a HUGE mistake. Buying chocolates for someone on a strict diet could be serious sabotage. Buying a thoughtful and practical gift shows that you really do care.


*Disclosure – items marked ‘*’ were received for inclusion in this post. Contains a sponsored link*


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