When Life Gives You Lemons…

31st May 2016

Last Friday everything went wrong. They say it comes in threes and that day it certainly did. But also, everything went right. As they say “all is well that ends well’ and that day the saying truly was apt, despite several (large) bumps throughout the day, it ended on a high.

when life gives you lemons - blog post they say it comes in three but all is well that ends well

It started off just like any normal Friday, Spencer and I arguing over who would take Aria to nursery. He thinks that because I’m not working I should take her, I think that if I have something on that day he should take her. It may only be an half hour walk there and back, but by the time I take her in and talk to the girls it takes at least 45 minutes. I have to put a comfy outfit on to walk there and back then change to my work outfit when I get home. I end up rushing which gets me hot and sweaty so there is no point in showering until I’m back. By the time I get ready to go to the nursery, then get home and shower it adds at least an extra hour onto my day.

I decided to get up at 7am to get Aria’s stuff ready, despite being up at 2am with Aria who decided to wake up screaming during the night (again). I woke and fed Aria while Spencer stayed in bed. I did all of this so that she would be ready for him to take her to nursery, he pretty much drives past there on his way to work any way.

I was shattered. I fell down the stairs. It hurt. I was carrying water when I fell so I led on the floor in a pool of water for a little while before sitting on the sofa with a cup of coffee and a chocolate cereal bar to try and get over the shock. I then proceeded to go about my day. I had an informal chat about a job that I really wanted at 12:30, before that I had another ten minute meeting and so had to leave the house at about 11:40.

I picked out an outfit, not too smart but smart casual. I felt good, aches and pains from falling aside. I caught the bus to my appointment, got off the bus and walked along the main road. About five minutes later I realised that my dress had slid up inside my coat and I had been walking around for who knows how long flashing my tights. Thankfully they were very thick Primark Super Cosy tights and one of my few pairs with no holes and I had remember to wear black knickers underneath. Still, the sun was shining and I’m pretty sure people could see what had happened. I thought I heard a load of people talking about me on the bus stop but wrote it off as me being my usual paranoid self. I guess I wasn’t just being paranoid after all…

My informal chat went very well, I forgot about the earlier incidents and went home smiling, while pulling at my dress just in case.

I got home at around 12:45, I’d been out for about two hours and hadn’t looked in any mirrors during this time. That very morning I had decided to try out a sample of a foundation that adapts to suit your skin tone. It went on nicely and my skin looked good. Little did I know it had been getting darker and darker throughout the day, it appears that I went to my interview looking a very nice shade of orange.

They say it comes in threes and that day it really did.

Despite the fact that this really could have turned into one of the worse days of my life and resulted in me not wanting to leave the house again it actually turned into one of the best days of my life. I got the job, it is a job that I am super excited for. An assistant in a photography studio. I’ll be doing the social media, day to day admin and I’ll get to learn how to edit photos properly instead of just using the blur tool in iPhoto. I can’t wait.

If you got to the end of this post you may be wondering why I decided to publish it. Reason one is so that you can have a good old laugh about just how clumsy I really am. Reason two is just to say, it may feel like everything is going wrong and crumbling around you, but keep positive. Good things may still come of the day.

Note – This post has been sat in my drafts for ages, I forgot to publish it so have decided to publish today – I haven’t got another new job! 

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  • Reply Paige Wallbank 31st May 2016 at 9:46 pm

    They must like the orange look aha, jokes aside well done! Just shows were all human. It also shows that men never seem to want to help, glad I'm not the only one haha. Glad your day ended on a high xx


    • Reply Leanne 2nd June 2016 at 10:23 am

      haha thanks Paige!
      Men are flipping useless aren't they!

  • Reply Unknown 1st June 2016 at 2:05 am

    Aw those days happen to the best of us don't they? Congratulations on the job – sounds awesome!


    (I don't know why it doesn't accept my url when choosing who to "comment as"

    • Reply Leanne 2nd June 2016 at 10:23 am

      Thank you 🙂 They do happen to us all, I just prefer it when it happens to other people ha!

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