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Where I Blog – A Desk Tour

26th January 2017

I’m lucky enough to have a lovely blogging space, we have a converted attic which is home to my blogging area, Spencer’s gaming area and a crap loads of clothes horses! I love sitting on my desk on days like today, with the sun pouring in through the VELUX windows while I type away.

Where I blog a desk tour - blog post header image - imac and stationery with writing over

converted attic office velux window and space invaders wall art sticker

I had planned to give the attic a new lease of life a little while back, but we put the house on the market so I never bothered. Now that it is still on the market I really wish that I had and am still quite tempted to do it. I would love to get rid of the awful yellow walls and paint them white, and also remove Spencer’s Space Invaders wall sticker. I would also quite like some new light fixtures. Now that I’m typing this I am so tempted to get the paint out! If I did I could post an updated office tour – before and after.

a bloggers desk tour - imac with skullcandy headphones, white ikea desk and motivational quotes on the wall

My set up is quite basic but I like it. On the wall behind my computer I have motivational quotes, photos from photo booths at blogging events, with some added prettiness of course! My favourite notebooks tend to sit on or around my desk at all times, these include my Blogger Journal, my Lush Things To Blog About notebook and my Dream Big notebook.

skull candy headphones over imac with motivational quotes on wall - blogger desk tour

I use the headphones when I have a YouTube session, Spencer is often sat at his desk gaming while I am blogging and he doesn’t want to listen to, in his words, that crap. The coffee, blog, sleep, repeat sign is one that I knocked up myself in Word. I have plans to cover the word blog in glitter, but over a year since I printed it out I still haven’t and probably never will. I’m useless like that.
I hope that you enjoyed taking a peek at my blogging area, you never know, maybe I will make it over and post another one soon!
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where I blog a desk tour - a bloggers office based in a converted attic - desk tour includes motivational quotes, blogger journal and notebooks, fake foliage, imac and much more
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  • Reply Jamie | Explore With Ed 28th January 2017 at 9:10 pm

    "Coffee blog sleep repeat" so true haha, or in my case – tea!

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