Working from Home – Expectations vs Reality

25th October 2017
Working from home expectations vs reality

When I gave up my job to work for myself from home I had great ideas about how it would go. Fast forward eleven months and I’ve realised that the expectation of working from home is a far stretch from the reality. I (naively) thought that working from home would mean that I would have a lot of spare time on my hands, that I would cook and clean and that in my spare time I would lovingly craft and take day trips with my toddler. The reality is that working from home (or just working full stop to be fair) is a lot like the latest video from

I assumed that I would be lonely, but I needn’t have worried, my pets make sure that I don’t get a chance to be lonely.

I would lose weight because I would have plenty of time to make healthy meals and may even get out walking in my lunch break.

I would never have to rely on CBeebies as a babysitter because I would get everything done while I had childcare.

I would have food ready for when everyone else got home.

My house would be spotless.

Working from home expectation vs reality

I am quite relieved to discover that I’m not alone in my work from home woes, a lot of my fellow bloggers face similar woes :

I expected a nice tidy house, comfy chair and warm cups of tea, the reality is a sh*t tip and not enough time to even put the kettle on – Hello Beautiful Bear.

My desk would be all set up nicely with everything to hand and in it’s place, in reality I’m working on the sofa on my laptop and not knowing where anything is in the chaos – Ankle Biters Adventures.

I expected that I could be a Mum/Wife spend more time with my family and still have a career but the reality is my house is messy, I spend hours in the evening still working and my family see less of me now than before! – Soph Obsessed.

I thought I’d be able to start work not long after my husband gets home but turns out I generally don’t start until at least 8:30pm!  – Me, him, the dog and a baby.

People who say they get more done working from home. Really?! I get distracted by the TV, Post man, anyone who walks past outside, in fact anything and everything is a distraction! Even pigeons in the garden! – Twin Mummy and Daddy.

I would have a nice tidy desk with beautiful notebooks and stationery and a laptop that never goes wrong. The radio would play my favourite songs, the dogs would sleep around my feet and I would have huge amounts of enthusiasm every day. I would never have writer’s block – I failed on every one of those points! – Pack the PJs.

I thought about sitting down with a cup of tea and quickly knocking out a blog post while the toddler sleeps and the big girls have quiet time. In reality I write blog posts to the soundtrack of my little pony while the toddler climbs on my head and I throw snacks at them every time one of them speaks, promising “I’ll be done soon and then we’ll play!” Every time a pang of guilt hits me. – Squished Blueberries – (Disclaimer: this is not every day… but it is today)

My expectations were that I would get work done, get housework done and have dinner on the table each evening. The reality? None of the above –  The Incidental Parent.

I expected a quiet and calm, tidy office space, all filed neatly into labelled drawers, my reality is loud, sticky, messy carnage!  – Twinderelmo.

I fantasise about getting work done, lists drawn up and completed, smugly crossing through my tasks written on nice stationary at my desk. The reality is writing down checklists on whatever paper there is to hand, having spent a while trying to find a biro and using the laptop anywhere in the house whilst trying to dissuade my 9 month old from pulling out the power cable!  – Sophie and Lily.

I would have thought I would have been busy enough to avoid snacking! And yet 4 custard creams later and I’m still hungry. – Lesbemums.

I visualised a proper office, organised, a huge screen to work on. Often I end up hunched over our dining room table or in bed with my laptop. The home office is still the dream. One day, hopefully.  – Scandi Mummy.

I had the dream of having a bright and airy office that would boost my work productivity, in reality I still spend as much time procrastinating as before, maybe even more so now – Mum’s The Nerd.

I thought that no commute would mean much more time to get things done, however, with people coming to the house, phone calls and house work, you actually have less time. – Household Money Saving.

My expectations were that I would get so much work done each day and be able to focus. Reality is that if there is housework to do it plays on my mind until I get on and do it. It’s probably my biggest distraction because when I am at home I feel I should be doing it! – Emma Reed.

Expectation – enjoying a nice leisurely lunch with something lovely I’ve rustled up. Reality – eating a Wispa and a packet of Monster munch at my desk each day and raging at the thought of my husband enjoying his lunch hour! – Five Little Doves.

If, like me, you are still trying to figure out how to get work done with children around check out Louise’s alternative guide.


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  • Reply Marylin 29th October 2017 at 9:48 pm

    Ah the joys of being at home- there are far too many distractions! I’m amazed no one mentioned Netflix to be honest! ?

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